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was established in 1990 аt the dawn of democracy. Not so long after, We established ourselves as one of the market leaders in Bulgaria for sewing materials and goods. We worked with everyone from local tailors to big exporters.

Nowadays as a manufacturer and exporter of all varieties of buttons we have in hand over 5000 models, which are distinguished by high quality and a reasonable price.

For years we have been working with companies of our neighboring countries and developed good relations with companies on the balkan peninsula. And through various exporters,our goods reached the EU,USA and Canada markets.

Recently,we've built a new production plant in Blagoevgrad, which will help us fulfill our new contracts.


The goal of BEA Vision Buttons is to offer high-quality buttons that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Every order is tracked from its beginning through several quality control departments to its end destination to remove all the low quality buttons.

What sets us apart

  1. We have the facility to paint the buttons both on the surface and in depth/inside the material/. This is how we serve our customers. In smaller quantities we paint them on the surface,but in larger quantities we can add the color to the material.
  2. High quality production, fast delivery and appropriate service
  3. Mass producing a customer`s sample
  4. Competitive prices, variety of models and sizes
  5. Possible engraving of a logo on the board and on the face of the buttons.
  6. A variety of natural materials: river and seashell, wood, horn, coroso, urea, cotton, linen

why choose us

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